Dondre Stuetley

When I first meet someone, I immediately try to find outwhat lies beneath their fortress like exterior. My eyes being to pick up the many puzzle pieces shuffled around, trying to unravel the hidden layers that forms their distinctive identity. To me a persons identity is a sacred treasure kept locked in Pandora’s box. Once unleashed a whole plethora of someone's struggle, regrets, fulfillments, andheartbreaks seeps into the lens of my camera. As an artists I try to capture what emanates from a person’s soul. 

I believe we carry many variations of ourselves, and as I set forth on my artistic career I hope to present photos that crosses intimate barriers with those around me. It is my mission to show the world, that people are made up of many forms. The photographs displayed here offer a glimpse to untold stories of people I have met.


2015  Dyson College of arts and sciences, Pace University,Bachelors in Arts with a concentration in Photography.

2015 International Center for Photography